The Hackfest is an integral part of Access. This day-long event on October 19 provides an opportunity to work in small groups of like-minded people on interesting projects in a low-stress environment. Got an idea for a new service you want to flesh out? Have a tricky problem you want to get some more eyeballs on? Written some fledgling code you want to push out of the nest? All you need to bring is an open mind (laptop is recommended but not required).

The ‘fest welcomes library staff of all backgrounds and abilities. It is not only for programmers and systems librarians. The most interesting projects involve these geeks _and_ people from all parts of the library, from tech services to preschool storytime. Managers are welcome too but be warned, Hackfest groups tend to stretch buttoned-down organizational hierarchies.

Feel the need to hack, mash, parse, or purge with birds of a feather? Want to build a prototype for a computer availability QR code service? Develop a LCSH Linked Data mobile app? Whiteboard a global weather modification machine? If you’ve got an idea for Hackfest, let us know! Leave your suggestion below.

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